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Winner: Municipality of Waldbach-Mönichwald in recognition of the regional timber construction „Fir wood auditorium secondary school Waldbach” (Austria)

The public elementary school in Mönichwald was built in 2009. It was a very innovative and modern construction project for the region of Joglland. The special feature of this elementary school is the interior decoration. These classrooms were made out of native fir wood from the region. This guarantees CO2 savings in production and also better acoustics in the classrooms. The project was carried out by the company Hutter Acustix in Birkfeld. Jointly introduced by the consortium TANNO Joglland. With modern calculation methodology and the system of selective sound steering invented by Hutter, new acoustics standards were set in school construction. The acoustic and ergonomic room factors are optimal for schools due to this design. Mrs. Elisabeth Hutter (Managing Director Hutter Acustix) about the project: "What does that mean concretely for the people who work, learn, live in these rooms? After only a few days, we received positive feedback from the teachers. They experienced that the students are much more concentrated and less aggressive. The learning-promoting focus that our listening rooms create continues today. So we love and experience our work, namely as meaningful and healthy! "

Copy right by elementary school Mönichwald