Carbon Smart Communities

In 2010 and 2011 the craftsman and boatbuilder Anže Logar from Jezernik – Anže Logar Co. – constructed a large wooden boat designed for tourist trips, sightseeing and private events on the Ljubljanica river in Ljubljana. The vessel is made of solid larch wood with a monolithic keel and flat bottom. Anže Logar comes from a family which has been  constructing traditional wooden craft in the town of Bled (in the Slovene Alps) for three generations. With these professional skills and a strong wish to construct only high-quality traditional wooden craft, together with the use of some modern technologies and tools, he decided to construct a larger wooden boat, which was later named "Ljubljanica". More than 3500 hours of work were invested over more than 1.5 years of construction, with 7m3 of wood or 350m2 of Okoume plywood, which resulted in a 30m2 boat with a capacity of 50 passengers, a length of 10 metres and weight of 7.5 tonnes (11.5 tonnes when fully loaded). The boat is intended for the transport of passengers on calm waters (rivers, lakes, etc). The construction of the boat is entirely of larch wood from the nearby Upper Sava Valley and Radovne, which was then transported to workshops in and around Bled. The "Ljubljanica" is the biggest wooden tourist boat on fresh water in Slovenia, and brings 0.24 tons or 34 kg/m³ of CO2 savings.

Image rights by BorinaMišica and by LAKERCRAFT