Carbon Smart Communities

Winner: Sawmill Giordano in recognition of the regional timber construction „Refurbishment of a private house, balancing rustic and modern style", in Valsesia, Piedmont (Italy)

The house, renovated by Segheria Giordano in Valsesia, is mostly built with larch from the Piedmont region.
The sawmill completely renovated the house, by rebuilding the roof and making part of the external cladding with the block bau technique. Inside, the company realized the furniture, the coverings, the floors, the access staircase to the upper floor and the parapet of the mezzanine.
The project combines the rustic style and the modern style in a balanced way. In Italy, the most widespread construction techniques use standardized elements made of laminated wood, which are almost all imported from other countries; applying traditional solid wood techniques to modern buildings and refurbishment is an innovative approach which make it possible the use of LCT timber and valorizes the local resources.


Image rights by Segheria Giordano