Carbon Smart Communities

Winner: Egon Frick, Frick GmbH, in recognition of the regional timber construction "Two party model home" in Eichstegen  (Germany)

The object is a two family model home. The concept is characterized above all by a design principle which ensures the desired functionality along with minimal use of materials (with the same amount of round wood, 10 instead of 9 houses could be built). Due to the exclusive use of a minimal number of processed solid wood, a maximum regional process chain is possible. In this way a particularly high added value could be achieved with a saving of 50 kg CO2 per m³ of wood. In addition to this design principle, an up to 7-storey construction can be made possible, which is usually only possible by the use of highly processed engineering timber products. This contributesto a huge transferability potential. The building received a certificate of the eco-label and certification system HOLZ VON HIER©, proving an outstanding low carbon footprint and regionality.