Carbon Smart Communities

Winner: Sawmill Valle Sacra in recognition of the regional timber construction „Wood products promotion center of the Canavese district” (Italy)

The building, built by the Segheria Valle Sacra at its production site in Castellamonte (Turin), was entirely built with hardwood timber from Piedmont region. The structural part is in solid chestnut beams, the external frame is made with bilayer poplar elements and OSB panels. The windows and doors are made of thermo-treated chestnut lamellar wood without chemical treatments or preservatives. The floors are made of oak wood (heat treated at 180 ° C) and natural chestnut treated at 140 ° C. The external covering is made of thermotreated chestnut and ash wood.
The project represents a unique case of use of solid hardwood timber in a building with a frame construction system, for which conifer softwood is normally used, often imported.
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