Carbon Smart Communities

Winner: Municipality of Maribor in recognition of the regional timber construction „Benches with info panels“ (Slovenia)

The urban bench and info-bin with integrated learning board on the breakdown of individual waste was a sub-project of the much larger Pohorje Nature Park Experience project. It was carried out at the initiative of the Assembly of the self-organised quarter community of Radvanje as a participatory budget project of the City of Maribor. The elements of this urban furniture combine the natural environment with an innovative approach for improving people's awareness, as it shows the importance of proper recycling and waste separation. Also, the rubbish bin itself is completely biodegradable as it is wooden.

The products within the project were manufactured by the students of the Maribor Secondary School of Wood and Forestry under the supervision of their teachers. All the components were made from local wood – chestnut, which is durable and resistant to external weather conditions. The wood was cut in the vicinity of the school, in the forest managed by the school (according to the district forestry plans), and owned by a small forest owner. The wood was transported the distance of 1 km to the school where it was cut by saw for further processing. The students then made the bench and rubbish info-bin in the school workshop, and transported it to the final location approximately 3 km from the school. This sub-project brings 0.2 tons or 51kg/m3 of CO2 savings.

Image rights by Zlatka Zastavnikovič