Carbon Smart Communities

Work Packages

WP T.1. Development of tools

Activity T.1.Data analysis and establishment of a central database accessible

Activity T.2. Development of a 'low carbon timber' (LCT) toolkit

Activity T.3. Development of a smart places network

WP T.2.  Policy development

Activity: T2.1.System analysis

Activity: T2.2.Development of policy templates

Activity: T 2.3. Implementation of low carbon timber policies

Activity T 2.4. Preparation of the political recomendations

WP T.3. Capacity building and empowerment

Activity: T3.1. Development of a target group tailored concept and materials for training

Activity: T3.2. Organisation,conduction of Trainings-low carbon timber capacity building

Activity: T 3.3. Upscaling

WP T 4 Piloting

Activity T.4.1. Empowerment of regional and cross border SME processing chains in delivering low carbon timber products

Activity: T4.2. Setting up practise examples of public buildings or other usages built with proven low carbon timber as beacons

Activity: T 4.3. Setting up different starting points of the smart places network

Activity T 4.4. Implementation of low carbon timber approaches and solutions in public bodies