Carbon Smart Communities

Cluster study reports of 8 Apine regions published

The cluster study reports aim to give a general overview on the wood clusters in different Alpine Space regions. The reports are available in the respective language for the region of Vorarlberg (Austria), Joglland (Austria), Valsesia (Italy), Piedmont (Italy), Auvergne-Rhone Alpes (France), Southern Germany, Podravje (Slovenia)
and Pomurje (Slovenia). They also include an English summary.

Those reports identify some detectable gaps in the value-added chain of wood and propose approaches for solutions. Furthermore they illustrate the diversity of the frame conditions and thereby contribute to improving the regional value-added chains.

Cluster study reports of...

Newly CaSCo guide published: "Contracts Incorporating Low Carbon Timber"

The recently published guide "Contracts Incorporating Low Carbon Timber" aims to support local authorities to include wood from short supply chains into their public tenders. The document explains every stage of the process and offers:

  • Recommendations regarding main challenges to include carbon from short supply chains at each stage of the  renovation or construction project
  • Tips for writing your documents and tenders
  • Explainations how to use of the CaSCo's toolkit at various stages

Contracts Incorporating Low Carbon Timber_Recommendations and Key Stages.pdf


Work report: Low Carbon Timber Policies in Europe

This report aims to make a link between low carbon policies and wood policies at European, national and regional level. The European Union developed the concept of Green Public Procurement (GPP) to support the use of environmental products and services in public procurement. How do public authorities use GPP? Which are the possibilities to improve GPP at municipal level? How can public authorities use GPP criteria to get low timber products? This document will try to answer these q

Low Carbon Timber  Policies in Europe.pdf

Forest and timber in the Alpine Space: An overview on frame conditions for strengthening the use of regional low carbon timber

The purpose of this publication is to gain a comparable overview of of the forest and timber sector in different Alpine regions, represented by the CaSCo project partners. It serves to strengthen a mutual understanding and knowledge about the Alpine forest and timber sector and thereby helps to identify the strenghs and weeknesses within the timber value chains.

Forest and Timber in the Alpine Space.pdf

Environmental product label - A comparison

The publication  enables planners and architects  to better assess various aspects of sustainability of products and construction materials at an early stage of the planning process. Thus it sets the course for more sustainable buildings.

Environmental product label - A comparison.pdf




Sustainable building certification schemes - A comparison

The document presents a comparison of selected relevant and known building assessment systems. Thereby the following key questions have been evaluated or answered, which are of importance to planners and building owners in the context of the construction process:

• What contribution do ecological aspects of sustainability have in the overall building assessment?
• To which extent are (global) flows of goods recorded and evaluated?
• To which extent does the material (e.g., renewable resources) play a role in the assessment?
• What costs are associated with certification and for whom?
• What is the scope of the certification systems?

Sustainable building certification schemes - A comparison.pdf