Sustainable Territories

T1 Sustainability Assessment Tools for Alpine Space Territories

  • Activity 1.1 Development of a generic sustainability assessment framework for alpine territories (CESBA Sustainable Territories Tool)
  • Activity 1.2 KPIs, CESBA Passport and ATLAS for the Alpine Space territories
  • Activity 1.3 Development of regional contextualised assessment tools at territorial scale
  • Activity 1.4 Implementation of CESBA STT


T2 Pilot testing: territorial assessment and training

  • Activity 2.1 CESBA LocalCommittees (CLCs)
  • Activity 2.2 Test of the assessment tools on pilot territories
  • Activity 2.3 Comparison of KPIs and CESBA Passport Validation
  • Activity 2.4 Training material development and courses


T3 Innovative policies for sustainable territories

  • Activity 3.1 Policies and plans - State of art in the Alpine Space
  • Activity 3.2 Innovative policy implementation feasibility
  • Activity 3.3 Guide to the adoption of territorial assessment tools
  • Activity 3.4 Toolbox towards CESBA Label