Sustainable Territories


  • Final Newsletter CESBA Alps

  • EUSEW - Sustainable Energy Week 2019, 17.-21.06.2019

    The Project CESBA Alps will together with the project CESBA MED participate at the EUSEW Sustainable Energy Week within the Networking Village and explain the key principles of PGS (participatory guarantee systems) and its impact to society.
    The PGS Approach meets the overall topic of the EUSEW Energy week "A Clean Planet for all".

    Within the Networking Village CESBA will offer a quiz and a dart game with questions regarding the CESBA approach.

    Find more Infos on the EUSEW here: https://www.eusew.eu/


    Il monitoraggio dei piani urbanistici

    L’evento vuole essere un momento pubblico di confronto e riflessione sull’importanza di introdurre in modo

    coerente ed efficace il tema della valutazione e del monitoraggio della sostenibilità territoriale negli strumenti di governance del territorio, in coerenza con gli obiettivi globali dello sviluppo sostenibile (Agenda 2030).

    Clicca qui per l'agenda!

    Venezia, Italy


  • Result presentation CESBA Alps - Veneto

    The final results of the CESBA Alps project will be officially presented during a public event to be held
    on May 17th in Venice. During the event, the CESBA Veneto STTool and its relations with local and
    regional urban planning instruments will also be presented.

    The CESBA Veneto STTool is based on a core set of criteria developed by the Departiment of Spatial
    Planning of the Veneto Region to evaluate low-carbon and sustainable territorial development of any
    Alpine Municipality in Veneto.

    The tool is able not only to measure the degree of achievement of the strategic objectives of the
    Regional Coordination Territorial Plan (PTRC), but also to highligh specific priorities for each of the
    assessed Municipality. It evaluates which type of responses are currently in place or could be
    activated (structural, prescriptive, regenerative, compensative or mitigation), taking into
    consideration also the division of competences between sectors and administrative levels.

    The event will be an opportunity not only to present the tool, but in general to talk about the role of
    Urban Planning and evaluation systems in boosting a really sustainable development of the territory.

  • CESBA Alps Training events in Piemonte

    Four local training workshops, jointly organized by Regione Piemonte and iiSBE Italia R&D, will be held during the current month of May, in the historical venue of Palazzo Graneri della Roccia in Torino.   


    Workshop 1: May 9, 2019. This first workshop aims to illustrate the methodological approach, the tools developed and the main results achieved in the CESBA Alps - Sustainable territories project.


    Workshop 2: May 21, 2019. This workshop explains in detail the multicriteria assessment approach and the certification processes for measuring the sustainability of the built environment.

    Workshop 3: May 24, 2019. The workshop aims to present the different areas and criteria for measuring the sustainability of the built environment and illustrate how to calculate the performance indicators.


    Workshop 4: May 30, 2019. The last workshop will show different application examples and case studies. Participants will understand how sustainability assessment systems and tools are used in practical applications.

    Each training workshop will last 4 hours.

    Workshop 1 is open to professionals, private organizations, local stakeholders, technicians and decision makers from local and regional public administrations.

    Workshops 2, 3 and 4 are targeted specifically to technicians from local and regional public administrations of Piemonte.