Sustainable Territories


  • Regione Lombardia, Local Committe meeting, Clusone

    The first meeting on 2019 of the Lombardy CESBA Local Committee took place at the headquarters of the local public authority of the Mountain Community in Clusone.

    Main goals of the meeting were:

    • Evaluate that the CESBA project may be an occasion to be part of an international frame of comparison of different mountain territories,  considering the final event that will be held in Turin , when will be presented by every Region the results of all the experiments of their Pilot Projects;
    • Present the results of the Cesba ALPS Project with focus on the regional tool used on the Pilot Area;  
    • CESBA for regional policies: a tool that may be used at the regional scale to verify the transparency of the local policies monitoring the sustainability of the territorial plans  at different scale; to implement the indicators set already part of the plans, in order to make a connection between the regional planning and the 2030 Agenda goals.

    During the meeting the organization of the Local Committee final event was discussed. The conference will be held in Clusone on May 10th, with the participation of local stakeholders amd will cover ongoing iniatiatives according with the Cesba project essence. During the event of CLC, central subjects will be tourism, energy, sustainable mobility.

  • Tailored solutions for energy planning in Vorarlberg

    In Vorarlberg, a prototype for a central energy data base for municipalities has been developed within CESBA Alps. On 28th February 2019 a training session was organised in Dornbirn with potential users to collect their feedbacks and needs for the development of this tool after the project.

    The Central Energy Data Base puts different databases and registers into value and allows the calculation of standardised energy and emission balances as well as the consistent capture, intersection, analysis and Illustration of the structural and energetic actual state. With this harmonized data base and key figures, municipalities and regions are able to recognize spatial patterns, trends or also possible future developments and interdependencies. As a consequence they can take a technically sound and forward-looking role in terms of sustainable local and regional energy spatial and infrastructure planning.

    The main aim was to provide knowledge about the Central Energy Database, the Regional STT tool of Regio-V, derived from the CESBA Alps Prototype and to receive feedback of relevant stakeholders (communities and relevant institutions) for the further development by the provincial government. The benefits of this energy database in daily work in municipalities were shown and the requirements of municipalities using such a platform were analyzed. It proved that most of municipalitie’s requirements could be matched and are currently foreseen in the development of the database.

    The prototype was developed in close cooperation with the energy department of the country Vorarlberg and the Energy Region Leiblachtal (pilot region of project partner Regional Development Vorarlberg) and based and tested on real data from the five municipalities in the Leiblach valley. Next step in development and a follow-up to CESBA Alps shall be the integration of the CESBA Alps Tool within the central energy database.

    The training session was implemented by the service provider Energy Institute Vorarlberg (Energieinstitut Vorarlberg) in collaboration with Telesis on behalf of Regio-V together with the developer of the central energy database Vorarlberg (Dr. Paul Stampfl, Telesis). 19 persons participated in the training.

    Further information on the project activities in Vorarlberg in English language.

  • 1st CESBA Alps Newsletter 2019

    Check out our first CESBA Alps Newsletter for 2019:

  • BePOSITIVE fair Lyon

    The French exhibition of the energy transition in buildings and regions took place, this year, on February, 13rd to 15th in Lyon. It brings together all the actors of construction and energy. As real place of meetings and exchange, BePOSITIVE allows the creation of networks of all the professionals in the sector:

    • Specifiers and influencers: Architects, Housing associations, Drawing offices, House builders, Building financial analysts, Public and private contracting authorities, Renewable energy project developers and operators
    • Craft/jobbing firms and general building contractors: Outfitters, Heating companies, Air conditioning companies, Electricians, Installers, Plumbers, Carpenters, Roofers, Cladders, Masonry companies, Joiners, Plasterers, Painters
    • Distributors, traders
    • Local authorities

    And gathers thousands of people

    Presentation of TerriSTORY® with the CESBA Alps Passport on the Stand of the Auvergne Rhone-Alpes Region during the BePositive fair

    The TerriSTORY® tool was officially launched on Thursday, February 14, 2019, at the BePositive Fair. Eric Fournier, Vice-President for Environment of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and Jacqueline Roisil, Deputy Regional Director of ADEME, were with Serge Nocodie, President of AURA-EE, to present this online tool.

    On this occasion the CESBA Alps passport was presented. The indicators calculated within the framework of the European CESBA Alps project grouped in the so-called “Passport” (see picture) give an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the territory in the field of energy and the environment. The feedback on this event and on the tool is very positive. For the territories it is a useful tool. Thanks to it they can have an accurate picture of their territory and after comparisons with others, identify their strengths and weaknesses and so implement corrective measures and actions to limit consumption.


  • CESBA Alps Project Video

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