Sustainable Territories

The project will contribute to the development of the CESBA initiative. The idea is to develop common transnational KPIs and assessment methods that any region in Europe and in the Alpine Space can take, contextualize and use. All outputs and deliverables will be fully transferable because public and open source. All project results are conceived to be easily transferred to any region in the Alpine Space. The diffusion and adoption of the assessment tools and KPIs developed in CESBA Alps by all Alpine regions is the key objective. To reach it, CESBA Local Committees will be implemented in each region initially as informal and collective initiatives with the perspective to evolve in local associations. The whole process will be managed by the association CESBA, originally established in the Alpine Space by the project NENA. CESBA Network will operate at Alpine Space level to promote the adoption of CESBA Alps outcomes in the regions that are not partner in the project. The high number of Regions participating, and some of them very involved in the EUSALP process (Lombardia, Rhône-Alpes) will allow them to disseminate results to their local authorities and to other regions. Transferability will also be ensured by the Fedarene, European association of regions with more than 70 members in the EU. . All outputs will be capitalized in the wiki cesba.eu, developed in Visible ASP project. This approach will ensure the durability of the project beyond the project duration

To facilitate the implementation of more effective policies and strategies aimed to improve the overall sustainability of a territory. CESBA Alps assessment tools will allow to measure the sustainability of a territory in an objective way trough quantitative indicators. Their implementation in policies and strategies for sustainable territories will allow to obtain more effective results.

To promote an integrated approach for the implementation of policy instruments targeted to improve the sustainability of territories. Assessment tools and territorial labels implemented in policy instruments support the adoption of an integrated process in territorial planning and development activities because they include indicators that address all the sustainability issues.

To promote a common methodology among European regions for the implementation of territorial scale policy instruments. The development of a common methodology for assessment process at territorial level to be used in future strategies and action plans will strengthen their implementation at local level. This kind of approach will allow to reach more effective results.