Technical reports

Alpine Cultural Heritage & Natural Hazards: where do we stand?
A review and survey for the framework analysis on Alpine cultural identity and natural hazards

Deliverable D.T1.1.1 (ENG)

A methodology for the evaluation of cultural assets and prioritization of securing and salvaging interventions
Concept and tool for cultural assets evaluation: the design of the ATTACH tool (D.T 1.2.1)
The value of assets at risk (identity, historical value, income generation potential) is one of the main drivers in orienting decision making on safeguarding interventions. 
Based on a comparative review of available methodologies, the “Conceptual document on evAluaTion Tool for Alpine Cultural Heritage (ATTACH) design” (D.T 1.2.1) synthetizes a reference concept and a tool for evaluating cultural heritage. 
The document explains the conceptual design of the evaluation tool and describes the step-by-step protocol on how to implement it
Conceptual document on the ATTACH tool design (UPDATED!)
Reports on the application of the ATTACH tool on pilot areas (D.T 1.2.2)
National forums for mutual sharing of experiences on relevant past disaster cases
These national events were dedicated to illustrating cases of natural disasters that caused damages to local cultural heritage and losses in terms of identity, cultural and economic values.
The meetings have been the basis for the establishment of the CHEERS network of experts and stakeholders for the protection of cultural heritage in the Alps, a network meant to be a reference for the CHEERS activities. 
The network is periodically involved in the activities of the partners as a very relevant reference group for the sharing of problems and solutions, important for a more effective and useful design of the deliverables and the transfer of tools and knowledge into practice. 
The following document provides a brief summary of the national exchange events organised by the Partners in their Countries and a list of the stakeholders involved.
Exchange events in the field of cultural heritage management and stock taking, hazard mapping and civil protection
The project Cheers pursues the innovation in the field of cultural heritage valorisation and protection also by a transnational exchange among experts on cultural assets cataloguing, hazard mapping and on-field protection activities. The network is stimulated to dialogue at national and transnational level on relevant technical aspects, and on the opportunity for an integration into an Alpine database of cultural assets.


Interactive National Stakeholder Workshop, Innsbruck (AUT), 11th November 2019

Open Data and Open Maps for Heritage Protection, Bellinzona (CH), 21st February 2020
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Interactive National Stakeholder Workshop France, Barcellonette, 11th September 2020

Interactive National Stakeholder Workshop Italy, on-line meeting, 16th and 23rd September 2020
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Knowledge base on natural hazard mapping in the Alpine area
This survey gives an overview of the different mapping sources and methodology approaches for addressing the selected natural hazards such as avalanches, earthquakes, floods, forest fire, landslide, rockfall and storms by experts as well as public.
The different tools and approaches in the Countries are introduced in separate sections. 
For each examined natural hazards, different aspects related to the availability of natural hazard maps are examined: 
.coverage: national and local resources; 
.accessibility: if the access is open or restricted 
.method: if the information presented is based on events or models. 
As shown in the report results where mapping sources are critically analyzed and discussed, in some countries (e.g. Slovenia, Italy) there is a rich variety of tools and resources and in other Countries the resources are collected in one or a few online services nationwide which cover most natural hazards (eg Switzerland, Austria). Most of the resources are available online for free. In some countries, more detailed information is available for registered users.