The selected pilot areas are:

  • Bondo (Val Bregaglia, Grigioni),
  • Campo Vallemaggia (Valle di Campo, Ticino)
  • Bellinzona (Ticino).


These areas are located in two cantons of Southern Switzerland and include public and private cultural assets (buildings with their interiors) listed in the protection of cultural property inventory with objects of national importance (Federal Office for Civil Protection).

Bondo and Vallemaggia are furthermore included in the inventory of Swiss sites that need to be protected (Inventario federale degli insediamenti svizzeri da proteggere d’importanza nazionale -ISOS).

These case studies – already at the centre of research and well-documented – are significant examples that allow to understand risk management of cultural heritage located in proximity to slope movements, superficial slidings, collapse processes and floods.



The project is implemented in Switzerland by SUPSI in collaboration with the Department of Education, Culture and Sport (DECS) of Ticino.

SUPSI University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland

Department for Environment Constructions and Design

  • Dr. Iolanda Pensa (principal investigator), Laboratory of visual culture
  • Marta Pucciarelli, Laboratory of visual culture
  • Dr. Christian Ambrosi, Institute of Earth Sciences
  • Dr. Cristian Scapozza, Institute of Earth Sciences