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  • Lets start walking with the Family and Community Nurses!

    The Italian Family and Community Nursing Groups (IFEC) in the different pilot zones have decided to promote walking as a real benefit for health!

    Walks have already been organised in Montebruno, Liguria and Valgrana in Cuneo, Regione Piemonte.


  • Midterm review of CoNSENSo project at Toulon in France.

    The CoNSENSo partners got together last week for 3 intensive days from 27th to 29th June in Toulon, France for a midterm review of the project work. 

  • 2nd CoNSENSo project newsletter available

    The latest edition (June 2017) of the CoNSENSo project newsletter is now available. Have a look to find out how the the project care model is being tested in 5 regions of the Alpine Space.

  • Interview with Lucie Quirin a CoNSENSo project Family Community Nurse working in the Grimaud district in the Var, France

    After the portrait of Judith Wistrela, working  for the municipality of Bad Eisenkappel in Austria. Read about how Lucie Quirin works as a Family and Community Nurses in the Grimaud area in the South of France. The impact of the CoNSENSo model of the Family Community Nurse is being tested in two different types of area. Grimaud is a coastal region, which while not alpine has its own challenges of many small towns and hamlets scattered over the area with narrow streets, apartments with numerous floors and steps.

  • Interview with Judith Wistrela, working as a Family Community Nurse for the municipality of Bad Eisenkappel, Austria

    Read about the daily work of one of our Family and Community Nurses in Austria. Judith Wistrela, works  for the municipality of Bad Eisenkappel in Austria. In this area more than 60% of inhabitants live in mountain-areas, and many alone. The mountain area consists of narrow streets, old houses, and is hardly passable in winter a perfect testing ground to assess the impact of the CoNSENSo model of the Family Community Nurse.