Design your Business Innovation!

DesAlps Virtual Training Center

The main mission of the DesAlps project is to spread a Design Thinking culture among the innovation system of the Alpine Space area.

To reach such an ambitious goal, some Design Thinking Labs will be established in partners’ regions and become self-sustainable after the project end. The DT Labs will act as a centralized spot of DT knowledge and will guarantee high quality training on Design Thinking, performed by local and international specialists, for the benefit of companies, individuals and intermediaries.

In order to improve the network existing around DT Labs and empower the transnationality of such a model, DT Labs will support, and will be supported, by a Design Thinking community, called DesAlps Virtual Training Center.

The DesAlps Virtual Training center, in spite of the name, is a lot more than an e-learning platform. Surely it will act of as a place where people interested in DT can find up to date and stimulating material on this topic. Yet, the Virtual Training Center will act more as an international community of experts, where they can exchange direct experience on the application of DT methodology, receive and give feedback on the efficacy of its application, share best and worst practices within the community.

The Design Thinking methodology will also inspire the development of contents, monitoring customers’ behaviour and developing conceptual “personas” that will help to shape contents in the most effective way. Moreover, companies interested in starting a new project with the support of DT will be allowed to register in the community and find specialized support they need, both addressing intermediary companies or among available innovation experts. News on events, seminars, workshops on Design Thinking will be spread in the community and a larger audience will be reached thanks to its responsive features and the connection to the most popular social networks, such us Facebook, LinkedIn and later on Twitter. DesAlps Virtual Training Center will be accessible starting Spring 2018.