Design your Business Innovation!

Who are innovative people in SMEs, and what do they need for Design Thinking?

In the project DesAlps, we needed to understand two types of innovators:
1. innovation actors = internal facilitators
= people dealing with innovation in companies
2. innovation coaches = external facilitators
= people who teach Design Thinking = coaches

So we conducted interviews with more than 50 people in more than five countries in the EU. What do the innovation actors need, and what are the required competences needed for supporters and DesignThinking facilitators to assist SMEs in the Alpine Space innovation environment? To find out, we defined the gaps of the innovation actors of SMEs which need to be filled by the innovation facilitators later in the DesAlps project as depicted in form of job descriptions.

The results show that SMEs lack

  • customer-oriented innovation
  • Innovation-friendly settings
  • Prototyping
  • Tool for measuring innovation
  • true open-innovation
  • co-creation

= eminent need for DT training and services