Design your Business Innovation!


  • DesAlps project

  • 4 Kinds of Design Thinking

    The Design Thinking (DT) approach has been described as the capacity of designers and professionals to face complex problems, reframing them through the identification of emerging themes: it’s an approach that looks at value and change from the people’s perspective and from the perspective of what is meaningful to people. In order to better understand the main features of such a "reframing process" very recently an investigation has been conducted by POLIMI on how DT could support enterprises. The main question is: “Design Thinking for Business: What Kind of Design Thinking Is Right for You?”

  • Design Thinking Lab: the DesAlps virtual community

    Design Thinking Lab is the DesAlps virtual community for Design Thinking experts, innovators, designers, acting as a Design Think hub for professionals and companies, where members can learn about cutting-edge methodologies, share experience and interests on different topics, discuss about case studies, find partnership to launch new projects. The focus on individuals is not the only one that the community peruses, anyway.

  • International Design Thinking Day

    Ljubljana, 29 May 2018 - Over 150 participants from Slovenia, Austria, Italy, France and Germany discussed the integration of the design thinking process and the introduction of new innovative approaches that will lead to new custom tailored products and services. The event was organized as part of the DesAlps project in order to promote design thinking for innovation purposes in the ecosystem of the Alpine region.

  • What did we learn from our international Design Thinking trainings?

    Since October 2017 we carried out several training actions in Design Thinking (DT). Starting with a 2-days DT Train the Trainer joint session in Germany, followed by three more DT training actions through cooperation among project partners in Slovenia, France and Austria.