Promoting excellence in dual education

Policy makers and stakeholders at national and EU level recognise the important role of dual education in addressing difficulties in the transition phase from education to work, in improving the skills supply and in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation.

However, countries in Europe and the Alpine Space are in very different starting positions. Even well performing dual education systems face challenges, such as involving employers, inclusion of marginalized groups, demographic change, and innovation and adaptation to new professional realities.

One of the strengths of the Alpine economy is a strongly rooted tradition in the skilled crafts and trades sector. In order for SMEs to remain competitive in this sector, they need a skilled workforce that is able to keep up with technological, social, business and design innovations. Yet, SMEs in this field find it increasingly difficult to get new apprentices.

DuALPlus will go new ways to address these challenges and to increase the attractiveness of dual education for skilled crafts and trades in the Alpine Space. The outputs and results of the project will directly benefit young individuals that decide for a career in the skilled crafts and trades sector. They will also benefit SMEs, tutors and master craftsmen that want to upgrade their teaching and technical skills.

The project brings together SMEs, educational institutions, business support organisations such as handicraft clusters and chambers of commerce, universities and design institutes and regional public authorities from six Alpine countries. 

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