e-Mobility Transnational strategy fon an Interoperable Community and Networking in the Alpine Space.


  •  e-MOTICON overall objective is to contribute to the homogeneous diffusion of Electric Mobility throughout the Alpine Space, providing a transnational strategy for seamless use of electric vehicles and charging spots with an integrated approach supported by Public Administrations. The strategy, based on best practices of interoperability and on a European roaming framework, will be used in planning Electric Charging Stations with public access and will contribute to increase options for low carbon mobility in the Alpine Space.
  •  Develop sound integrated strategy for the deployment of a homogeneous Alpine Space wide network of electric charging stations with an easy to use information and interoperable system (“e-roaming”).;
  •  Foster transnational interoperability and integrated planning of charging infrastructure;
  •  Increase transnational Public Administrations cooperation on integrated planning of interoperable charging infrastructures.