e-Mobility Smart Grid For Passengers and Last Mile Freight Transport in the Alpine Space

Public-private cooperation for the diffusion of e-mobility | 4.11.2020

Under the motto "Public-private cooperation for the diffusion of e-mobility - Taking a closer look at the electrification of local public transport and Last-mile logistics" the e-SMART project brought together around 80 stakeholders including e-SMART partners from different Alpine countries to discuss challenges, hear from experts and practitioners and to get to know the project aims.

The 3 main topics of the project were first adressed through a series of speeches from experts stemming from all over the Alpine Space area, and then discussed in smaller dedicated breakout sessions, before the final wrap-up.

Thanks to the diversity of speakers (providers of products or services, public administrations...), participants were able to better understand the many challenges that still remain to be addressed in order to better integrate e-mobility in local public transport and last-mile logistics.

Breakout sessions: Results for Local Public Transport | Energy | Last Mile Logistics

The presentations of all speakers are available for download below.

Local Public Transport

Jean-François Argence, LOHR Industrie

Patrick Janker, City of Munich

Peter Žnidaršič, Nomago

Iztok Štrukelj, Arriva Slovenia


Quentin Maitre, EDF (Électricité de France)

Susanne Supper, Green Energy Lab Wien

Jurij Curk, Elektro Ljubljana

Last Mile Logistics

Cinzia Pasut, Electrolux

Alberto Milotti, ZAILOG

Branka Leskovšek, Post of Slovenia Ltd