Innovative Ecological Assessment and Water Management Strategy for the Protection of Ecosystem Services in Alpine Lakes and Rivers

Kick off Meeting - S. Michele all'Adige - 11.&12. June 2018

Eco-AlpsWater partners making the plans at project meeting at S. Michele all'Adige.


Minutes: kickoff_meeting.pdf

2nd Meeting - Milano - 18.&19. Septmeber 2018

Eco-AlpsWater partners started to consolidate protocols at project meeting at Milano.


Minutes: minutes-milano.pdf


3rd Meeting - Mondsee - 4.&5. December 2018

Eco-AlpsWater partners tuning the protocols at project meeting at Mondsee.


Minutes: 3rd_project_minutes_mondsee.pdf


4th Meeting - Thonon-les-Bains - 3.&4. April 2019

Eco-AlpsWater partners shared recent field experiences, recalculated sampling, extracting and sequencing costs in details and discussed the protocols for fish eDNA analyses. Two days project in Thonon-les-Bains at INRA was well organised, effective and fruitful.


Minutes: minutes-meeting_thonon_april2019.pdf

5th Meeting - Bled - 20.&21. November 2019

Eco-AlpsWater partners at Bled reported about almost finished sampling and carefully planned extractions and sequencing in next periods. Furthermore, more focus on policy recommendations will be needed in second half of the Project.


Minutes: bled---minutes.pdf

6th Teleconference Meeting - 19. May 2020

At teleconference Eco-AlpsWater partners were discussing the details for anlyses and interpretaion. The sampling in 2019 resulted in cca. 500 samples, which with NGS resulted in cca. 100 milion reads to analyse! This will present one of the largest biodiversity archives of biological water sequences in EU and global.


Minutes: eaw_minutes_project_steering_group_19_may_2020.pdf

7th Teleconference Meeting - 11. December 2020  +  2 day Workshop

At teleconference Eco-AlpsWater partners were discussing the results, gained in 2020, and making strategy for the outputs to reach the policy makers. The final program of the meeting can be found here 59-eco-alpswater_psg_11_december_2020.pdf

Two days before (9th and 10th of December 2020) they have presented current results and perspective to stakeholders and observers. This digital EAW workshop was a knowledge transfer event, in line with one the main outputs of the project.