Innovative Ecological Assessment and Water Management Strategy for the Protection of Ecosystem Services in Alpine Lakes and Rivers

(1) Project video - short:
Eco-AlpsWater short video clip in only 2 minutes demonstrates the project activities through interesting animations, videos and photos.

(2) Project video - long:
Eco-AlpsWater long video demonstrates the project objectives and activities, step by step, from sampling to analyses.

(3) Video from fish sampling campagin in Germany:
As part of the Eco-AlpsWater project, the Institute for Fisheries (LfL) sampled Lake Starnberg for the fish species inventory using gillnet fishing, electrofishing and eDNA sampling.

(4) Video presenting the plankton sampling for eDNA analyses:

(5) Video presenting the biofilm sampling for eDNA analyses:

(6) National video clip, explaining how eDNA methods and knowledge can be used for cyanotoxin detection also in Slovenia:

(7) Interview about the use of eDNA for biomonitoring at Trento Film Festival

(8) Video from Italian event - National presentation to environmental agencies

(9) Video from French regional event

(10) Infographics in a form of a video