Innovative Ecological Assessment and Water Management Strategy for the Protection of Ecosystem Services in Alpine Lakes and Rivers

Infographics for pilot lakes and rivers

Infographics of key pilot sites, with interesting comparions of pilot sites, can be found here below:

a) in English language: d.c.5.5.-digital-infographics-en.pdf

b) in French language: d.c.5.5.-digital-infographics-fr.pdf

c) in Italian language: d.c.5.5.-digital-infographics_it.pdf

d) in German language: d.c.5.5.-digital-infographics_de.pdf

e) in Slovenian language: d.c.5.5.-digital-infographics-si.pdf

Static map of pilot lakes and rivers

Static map with partners and pilot sites (lakes and rivers) can be found here: partners-lakes-rivers.pdf