Governance and Youth in the Alps


  • To strenghten innovative and participatory democracy
  • To involve youth in decision-making processes
  • To increase national and transnational governance
  • To familiarise youth with complex policies


  • By reaching common institutional governance framework among different government levels throughout the Alps
  • By enhancing consideration and knowledge of Institutions and decision-makers about youth governance and youth participation
  • By fostering participation of youth in decision-making processes in project’s pilot areas
  • By increasing awareness among youth about complexity of territorial governance and increased link to their own territory

Comparative Analysis: Democratic Innovation and Participation

The project departs from a comparative analysis of democratic innovation and participatory democracy in the Alpine space. In order to effectively compare and foster the exchange of good practices and innovative decision-making methods, GaYA compares study policy-making methods at government, local and national level of all countries within the Alpine space.

Policy-makers and Youth in Action: mutual learning

Based on the findings of the Comparative analysis, a set of trainings and workshops will be conducted with the aim to educate, practice and motivate decision/policy-makers to use innovative democratic methods for involving youth in their Agenda. To provide a starting ground for implementation of
selected measures, Local Action Plans of Participation will be developed and compiled into a Participation Toolkit.

From Theory to Practice:
Testing participatory democracy in pilot areas

In this phase the implementation of the Local Action Plans of Participation (LAPP) with the support of the Toolkit, aims to go one step further in the concrete establishment of local participative processes, including youth, which participated in the trainings and workshops. Decision-makers and local youth together will test and report the implementation of the actions selected from their own LAPP with participatory methods.

Youth Film Contest

Furthermore, young people will be involved, by producing film clips that portray participation/youth governance in Alpine region from their own perspective, in a transnational creative youth contest.