Governance and Youth in the Alps

GaYA project teaser

The challenge behind GaYA is the low implication that young people have regarding political life and the decisions made in their localities. Besides providing tools and methods that can help foster youth participation on local level in the Alpine space, GaYA wants to promote youth participation and communicate good practices in this regard. A first key tool for communication is the GaYA project teaser. Together with its partners, ALPARC coordinated the development of this short video clip, in which a creative storyboard with pictures is drawn on a whiteboard. the video is used as a tool that communicates the GaYA message in a unique way to our main target groups: regional and local decision-makers and local administrations.

It says: It is up to you to involve young people in your localities! And if you do not know how, well GaYA is there to help and provide you with appropriate tools!

The video is freely available for use on the ALPARC youtube channel. It will be used for communication purposes throughout the GaYA project by all partners and pilot regions. Please feel free to use and share the video if you wish, e.g. in your social media, at events, political round tables or commission meetings. It can serve as a teaser for your own actions or even in order to launch the discussion on this topic in your locality.

If you would like to receive the video as a file for download, please feel free to contact

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