Governance and Youth in the Alps

GaYA Film Festival

The GaYA Film Festival took place during the final conference in Chambéry (30th November -1st December 2018)

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Alps film

"It is about the journey not the destination" is kind of cliche quote, but is probably the best way what he learned from his alpine trip and what in general is like to travel by train. You really discovered the whole new word through a train window. He thinks further effort in creating an actual alpine rail ticket has a very strong potential, not to mention the environmental advantage. © Nejc Kavka


Masone's Got Talent is an "artistic-social" project in Masone, a small town in the province of Genoa, from the idea of seven young artists united by their origins, age and passion for the various performing arts.The proceeds of Masone's Got Talent 2017 were in fact for the children affected by cancer and for their families, in addition to the constant support in a battle against the lawlessness that has lasted too many years. © Alessia Otonello, Michele Ottonello, Rebecca Navone


Jugendrat - Youth Council - MV Nights

Youngsters revealed their wishes for Swiss city Brig and shortly described their Youth Council. © Thomas Kaech, Leonie Hagen, Markus Amann

Dolomiti - 5DaysHiking

The film clip shows 5 days spent in the most beautiful places of the Dolomites. The cloudy weather has contributed to a magical film content. © Lorenzo Barutta, Francesco Malavasi, Lorenzo Borgato


This movie shows how youngsters have helped their community in Safien valley: How they started the youth work? How they planed a youth club for the youth of the mountain valley? It shows the story how it has began and what is possible when young people work together with parents and the local council and what they can make out of it! Youngsters hope that youth will stay in the valley also in future. © Nicole Stüber, Roman, Sandro, Samuel, Diego, Lorena, Andri

Dans la peau d'un écovolontaire - In the shoes of an eco-volunteer

Six young people were volunteering as nature guides in the regional nature park Massif des Bauges in August 2018. The film clip represents a daily life of volunteers .They organized also a hike with which they wanted to raise the awareness of wildlife and wonders of the Massif des Bauges. © Nina Huguet, Mathilde Tairraz, Thomas Rosset

Sei come montagna - You are like a mountain

Poetry-related video written and filmed by youngsters. A filming location is a lake (Lago di Calaita) in Trentino, Italy. © Lorenzo Barutta, Youssef Giuseppe Zribi, Gianmarco Barison

Ogenj v Alpah - Fire across the Alps 2018

The film clip is about the project that took a place in the Slovenian Alps in the summer 2018. In collaboration with CIPRA Slovenia we walked together to the Dvojno jezero (Double lake) where we talked about the problem of mountain lakes and did some interesting activities. © Zala Zebec, Katja Belec, Špela Berlot


On July 14th, 20 young adults from Austria, Germany and Switzerland gathered in the Swiss Alps to begin their extraordinary journey along the Inn River. Together, they travelled more than 500 kilometers from the spring in Maloja to its confluence with the river Danube in Passau. Their journey included hiking, biking and rafting along and down the hallmark of the Alps and ended on August 6th after almost one month of unforgettable and amazing experiences. Riverwalk aims to develop the participant’s personal connection to the nature and rivers, explore the topics of renewable energy, the nature conservation, the sustainability and the eco-tourism. It also develops competences such as the leadership, the team building, the project management and the active citizenship. In this way participants learn how to live and work together with youth from different backgrounds and how to co-create a supportive, participatory, open-minded, communicative atmosphere and thus improve the intercultural understanding. © Theresa Posch, Jure Klančar, Elisabeth Schwarzkogler

W4W - Walk4Wilderness

Walk4Wilderness tells the story of 15 young people hiking through the Ybbstaler Alps for 4 days and fighting for the enlargement of the Dürrenstein Wilderness Area.The group slept in the mountain huts and hiked through the Durrenstein wilderness area. In January 2017 the Styrian government shut down negotiations about the enlargement of the wilderness area because of the financial disagreements. Walk4Wilderness's aim was to reopen the negotiations and get media attention to support the enlargement. The young organizers from WWF Austria’s youth leadership program, Generation Earth, planned the hike to send a strong political message: preserve the wilderness areas in the Alps. © Jure Klančar, ElisabethSchwarzkogler, Mona Seidl

My alps My chance

Presentation of Mignanego and its activites for the young people. Youngsters want to increase the interaction between young citizens and politicans of their town. ©Anna Gamenara, Beatrice Vergari, Margherita Scandella

Song Your Love

Under the leadership of Stefan Schmid alias Stämpf, Florina, Shirin, Rahel and Ricardo wrote the song Your Love in November 2017. The song was recorded in the studio Klangstark in Chur. The video was shot and edited by Colin and Fortunat. © Florina, Shirin, Rahel and Ricardo

Montafoner Steinschafe - the Montafon stone sheep

Our film is about the breeding of a certain type of sheep , the so called „Montafoner Steinschaf“. As the name suggests the natural habitat of the animal is the Montafon, an Austrian valley that is unique regarding the traditions, languages and landscape. This sheep-race is known for diverse fur patterns and colors. From black to brown to beige almost every shade can be seen. The sustainable breeding, based on the knowledge of many generations, affects the region as a whole in many aspects. Not only as a tourist attraction and by selling the excellent wool, but mainly for the reason that they pasture huge areas that otherwise would overgrow and harm the breathtaking landscape. Through this Film we want to showcase the sustainability of this project and tell the story of two Austrian breeders, Martin Mathies and Peter Kasper. © Anton Breuer, Emil Bono, Martin Mathies, Peter Kasper


Whatsalp Video

During the "Whats Alp" journey in South Tyrol young people from Austria, Slovakia and Italy started a project of producing a video about the Alps, which is called “Call for Alps”. It presents the development of the Alps, as well an achievable life in the Alps in the view of young people from different alpine countries. The four alpine drivers, which are the main topics in the presented interviews, are: - Future in the alps - Life in the alps - Demographic change - Climate change For young participants of the journey was very important to show, how young people experience the Alps, what is important to them and for a sustainable living in the Alps and also what kind of visions they have. As well they displayed the impact of climate changes on the Alps and its change over the time. © Katharina William, Carola Spenger, Mira Kreisel, Julia Thüringer, Magdalena Christandl, Alexandra Kudlacova



SHANTI POWA - Powa to the people

South Tyrolean band sings how to overcome walls and any kind of boundaries of the reality in the alpine city Bozen. In video they included the people that may struggle every day; the ones that cultivate a city gardens, suffer from any of different sexual choices etc. @Emanuele Schulderbacher, Luca Scotellaro, Eva Loprieno, Siham El Abidi


Frieden - Peace

Our initial thought upon following were the refugee movements on TV in 2015. We treat ourselves as an extremely privileged group of people, who had to participate in some actions to help the victims of terror, war, persecution, poverty and hunger. Our videos and songs revolve around a number of issues and emotions, which are relevant to us and as well for teachers. The submitted video is called „Friede“ - „Peace“. Each of the participants wrote some random and spontaneous notes on this huge topic. Afterwards, those lines were recorded and filmed. The filming was done by refugee. „Peace“ represents more than one may see at first – it’s about action and reaction, finding together and growing to be an integrated whole. It demonstrates what is possible if you stand up for others and extend your hand to those in need. Because the peace is community that makes common cause - pulling people together. © Laura Werner, Philip Steininger; Jan Obernosterer; Emanuel Vonier



Cultural Heritage EFD Wochenende - EVS weekend

Erasmus+ Volunteering Activities help young people travel abroad to participate in volunteering projects. As part of European Union's Erasmus+ YOUTH IN ACTION volunteer programme, monthly meetings are held alternately in Liechtenstein, Vorarlberg and Ravensburg. In April 2008 it was the turn of the Liechtenstein's association AHA - Tipps & Infos für junge Leute to hold a meeting. The focus was on "free time activity" in the country. The thematic framework was set by the European Year of Cultural Heritage. The twelve volunteers from Albania, Eritrea, France, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary were asked to record their subjective perception of Liechtenstein with a camera. During a tour different photos were taken around Liechtenstein's Oberland and Unterland. Among other activities, they visited the museum in Triesenberg, cooked together and hiked. Different impressions of actitivites are collected in this film clip. © Taina Heeb, Mathilde Hentz, Katharina Reinisch