Governance and Youth in the Alps

  • Youth participation is a must, not a nice extra

    More youth participation in the Alps! This appeal went to the politicians of the Alpine countries at the conference on the GaYA project in Chambéry/F. The extent to which the topic moves was shown by the participation of numerous young people and representatives from politics and society throughout the Alps.

  • Why Youth Participation in the Alps?

    There is no major disenchantment of youth with political issues and concerns in Europe. Young
    people are, however, increasingly harder to reach. And there is “a clear and growing dissatisfac-tion among youth with the way politics is conducted and with ‘politicians’ in general”. (EACEA, 2010)

  • Young ideas for the Alps!

    How can young people actively shape the future of the Alps? The GaYA Conference on 30 November 2018 in Chambéry/F focuses on youth participation and governance. 

  • Workshop in Campomorone, Italy

    The workshop, dedicated to young people and decision-makers, took place at the Municipality of Campomorone in Val Polcevera. The aim was to understand and apply participatory methodology by young people and local administrators to identify new projects and shared initiatives dedicated to the pilot areas.

  • The young people of Salorno have ideas

    Our pilot region Salorno/Salurn (South Tyrol, Italy) has started with its participatory process! Youth between 16 and 29 years is asked about the improvement of their Municipality. They can contribute with their ideas until 31.10. 2018. Have a look in a short video (in Italian) with local representatives and researchers from our partner institution.