Governance and Youth in the Alps


  • Give youth a voice

    How can young people become more involved in political processes? What good examples already exist? These questions were the central issues at a workshop held in the context of the Alpine Space Project “Governance and Youth in the Alps” (GaYA) in Bozen/Bolzano.

  • Democratic Innovation and Participatory Democracy in the Alpine Area

    The comparative report “democratic innovation and participatory democracy in the alpine area” constitutes one of the main outputs of GaYA. It provides a portrait of the legal framework of democratic innovation in the Alpine States and Regions.  Furthermore it maps empirical trends by collecting good examples of participatory democracy in the Alpine region. The implementation of innovative forms of governance has great potential in terms of more sustainable and legitimate decision-making. 

  • Video: Youth participation concerns us all

    The challenge behind GaYA is the low implication that young people have regarding political life and the decisions made in their localities. Besides providing tools and methods that can help foster youth participation on local level in the Alpine space, GaYA promotes good practices in this regard. A first key tool for communication is the GaYA project teaser. Together with its partners, ALPARC coordinated the development of this short video clip. 

  • GaYA workshop in Bolzano: Youth Participation in Political Decisions in the Alpine Region

    Youth Participation in Political Decisions in the Alpine Region