WP1: Strenghtening capacities for multilevel climate adaptation governance (Lead: FOEN)

  • Mapping, analysing and comparing multilevel climate adaptation governance systems
  • Compiling good practice examples of effective adaptation governance
  • Exploring and developing governance enhancement options and innovations

WP2: Advancing the mainstreaming of climate adaptation policies and measures (Lead: FLA)

  • Analysing horizontal coordination and critical governance interfaces of climate adaptation and priority sector policies (sector-based case studies)
  • Transnational lesson-drawing on mainstreaming of climate adaptation in the Alpine macro-region

WP3: Stakeholder involvement on local and regional level (Lead: UBA-DE)

  • Identifying, selecting and co-designing stakeholder interaction formats addressing the local and regional level
  • Applying stakeholder interaction formats on the local and regional level (2 pilot regions)
  • Reflecting local stakeholder involvement for improvement of multilevel governance
  • Transnational science – practice lab (workshop) on adaptation governance

WP4: Transnational cooperation for improved CCA governance in the Alpine macro-region (Lead: EAA)

  • Conducting transnational work meetings of the national adaptation policy makers of the Alpine countries
  • Identifying joint fields of action and setting priorities for future transnational cooperation in climate adaptation governance
  • Cooperating, exchanging and engaging with EUSALP governance bodies and other transnational cooperation structures