Introducing circular economy system to Alpine Space to achieve low-carbon targets


  • Pilot presentation @ BioDiversity Festival 2019 in Trento

    The Greencycle project has been showed with an information stand and on the presentation stage during the Trento BioDiversity Festival 2019 on Saturday 18 May in the Piazza di Piedicastello, in Trento.

    World Biodiversity Day was established in 2000 by the UN General Assembly and is celebrated every 22 May. Also in Trentino the Days of Biodiversity are performed, dedicated precisely to biodiversity defence and protection. The festival involves numerous realities in the Trentino area, including the NutrireTrento initiative, that is part of the Greencycle pilot in Trento.

    The Greencycle Trento team (Marco Combetto – Trentino Digitale and Lara Bustros – Comune di Trento) at the NutrireTrento stand showed to citizens more specific information about the Greencycle project and about the marketplace platform.

    Beside the booth, where several citizens have asked information, the Greencycle project has been presented on the stage inside a specific presentation slot  in the afternoon dedicated to Nutrire Trento. In particular, Marco Combetto has presented the web platform made available by Greencycle project, build on top of the more general web marketplace platform developed for the establishment of the Greencycle Transnational Circular Economy Network between the cities involved. 

    Nutrire Trento  initiative  is born as a collaboration between Trento Municipality and Trento University, it's a participated project that involves researchers, citizens, schools, associations, economic categories, etc. and it promotes activities in the following settings:

    •     information and sensitization for a sustainable consumption
    •     information and sensitization for a sustainable production of food
    •     logistics rationalize         

    Moreover the web digital platform of Nutrire Trento with all the gathered information is developed through the Greencycle platform.

  • Trento Pilot works with Primary Schools

    The Greencycle Trento team presented, on the 10th of May, in Trento, the work made during the previous months, starting from October 2018, with the students of a middle school in Trento.

    The presentation made on the stage by the students (age 12-13) has focused the EU environmental policies and in particular the Circular Economy policies and the citizens' awareness about them. The work made has been developed with the support of the Greencycle team (Marco Combetto and Lara Bustros) and Europe Direct, office of Provincia di Trento. The project was made of several practical classroom sessions with the students, working with them in the development of several outputs inspired by Circular Economy, like app-books, table games, surveys with family members and parents, data mapping activities and artistic creations, like 4 RAP songs developed in collaboration with the Conservatorio of Trento staff, with lyrics focusing circular economy, recycling and good habits for saving the planet .

    Some of the output has been published in web site (Italian), where it is also possible download the MP3 of the songs, some pictures of the classroom work, the Survey made with families (77 questionnaires), the digital map developed, and the video of the presentation made in Trento at Siamo Europa


    The Recycle Rap (Il rap dell’immondizia) link

  • Greencycle Newsletter 03/2018

    Our 3rd Greencycle Newsletter for 2018 has been sent out:

  • Circular Economy for sustainable city and regional development

    Greencycle project was present at multi-stakeholder conference on circular economy in Slovenia.

    The presentation initially outlined the vision, aims, project approach and project partners. The focus was on presenting the emerging project outcomes, such as strategies and tools that can be usefully explored and deployed by participating stakeholders. 

  • Moveco - Mobilising Institutional Learning for Better Exploitation of Research and Innovation for the Circular Economy

    Webpage for transnational cooperation to accelerate the transition to the circular economy: