Introducing circular economy system to Alpine Space to achieve low-carbon targets


  • Project Partner Vorau finished circular economy platform

    Recently Impulse centre Vorau / Austria (IZV) finished his circular economy platform (as an output of Workpackage 1). This platform is a cross cutting knowledge base about circular economy in the region of Vorau to improve awareness about circular economy among the project team of the municipality of Vorau and other target groups like general public, enterprises or local interest groups. The knowledge platform includes helpful tools like fact sheets on different crucial circular economy topics, analysis of local circular economy policies and practices as well as identification of stakeholders and future trends in the field of energy and waste. This platform is an important prerequisite to develop project results like the action plan, tool boxes and the preparation for the transnational circular economy marketplace.

  • Raise awareness on circular economy with participative workshops

    IZ Vorau held several workshops to raise awareness on circular economy and present the pilot in Vorau. A class of 32 pupils from Styria (NMS Waldbach) as well as a class of 19 youth from a technical school in Pinkafeld / Burgenland (HTL) as well as a group of 20 energy experts from Hungary visited the Impulsecenter Vorau. Workshops have been prepared and executed to raise awareness and change consumer behavior to pupils and youth and to educate experts. In this workshops, interesting discussions took place on the pilot model of Vorau. The results of this discussions will be part of the local circular economy strategy of Vorau.

  • Comuni Ricicloni 2019

    The “Centro di Coordinamento RAEE” (private consortium for the RAEE wastes management) awarded three Italian municipalities for their performance in the RAEE wastes collection during the year 2018.

    The prize-giving occurred during the initiative, called “Comuni Ricicloni”, organized yearly by Legambiente. The selection of the winners was based on several factors, such as: the number of citizens and the quantity of RAEE wastes collection, with a focus for the R4 group that is historically the most difficult to manage. Three areas were identified (small, medium, large) and for each one a winner was elected.

    Trento won with 754 Tons of total collected RAEE, that is 6,39 kg for each citizen. The winning municipalities received a certificate for their excellent work done during the year 2018.

    Read the local newsletter article here!


  • Greencycle Newsletter 01_2019

    Our first newsletter for 2019 is out now!

  • Pilot presentation @ BioDiversity Festival 2019 in Trento

    The Greencycle project has been showed with an information stand and on the presentation stage during the Trento BioDiversity Festival 2019 on Saturday 18 May in the Piazza di Piedicastello, in Trento.

    World Biodiversity Day was established in 2000 by the UN General Assembly and is celebrated every 22 May. Also in Trentino the Days of Biodiversity are performed, dedicated precisely to biodiversity defence and protection. The festival involves numerous realities in the Trentino area, including the NutrireTrento initiative, that is part of the Greencycle pilot in Trento.

    The Greencycle Trento team (Marco Combetto – Trentino Digitale and Lara Bustros – Comune di Trento) at the NutrireTrento stand showed to citizens more specific information about the Greencycle project and about the marketplace platform.

    Beside the booth, where several citizens have asked information, the Greencycle project has been presented on the stage inside a specific presentation slot  in the afternoon dedicated to Nutrire Trento. In particular, Marco Combetto has presented the web platform made available by Greencycle project, build on top of the more general web marketplace platform developed for the establishment of the Greencycle Transnational Circular Economy Network between the cities involved. 

    Nutrire Trento  initiative  is born as a collaboration between Trento Municipality and Trento University, it's a participated project that involves researchers, citizens, schools, associations, economic categories, etc. and it promotes activities in the following settings:

    •     information and sensitization for a sustainable consumption
    •     information and sensitization for a sustainable production of food
    •     logistics rationalize         

    Moreover the web digital platform of Nutrire Trento with all the gathered information is developed through the Greencycle platform.