Introducing circular economy system to Alpine Space to achieve low-carbon targets

Project Results

Main result of the project will be the change it brings to the low-carbon governance because it provides a system of integration of low-carbon sectoral policies (energy, mobility, waste, construction) into circular economy cycle - providing additional reductions of greenhouse emissions, higher resource efficiency, critical raw materials mining and reduction of transport activities. Additionally, it creates a pool of new business opportunities for eco-innovation and green jobs.


Project Specific Objectives

Setting-up strategic framework for circular economy: Development of circular economy system for partner cities, building on available practices and existing low-carbon strategies – project will provide implementation strategies and establish cross-sectoral cooperation and governance.

Develop implementation toolbox for circular economy deployment: Development of toolbox for the implementation of circular economy strategies (planning and monitoring e-tool, expert database) and testing of toolbox by pilot project implementation in all partner cities. Evaluation and fine-tuning
of a toolbox.

Establish transnational AS circular economy marketplace - cooperation platform: A transnational AS cooperation platform will be established to provide marketplace for specific circular economy outputs and to provide cooperation platform for local and regional governments of AS presenting governance systems, best practices etc.


Project Outputs

GREENCYCLE main outputs are: - developed urban circular economy strategies for partner cities, integrating several urban fields (waste, energy, transport, construction etc), with defined governance structures ; - circular economy implementation toolbox (planning and monitoring e-tool , expert database) will be developed, toolbox will be tested by pilot projects implementation in each partner city, evaluation done and toolbox completed; - AS transnational platform consisted of local and regional circular economy managers, published as an on-line platform which will include a marketplace for different materials needing a big-scale approach, a knowledge base (best practices, governance models and a publicly available e-tool for the implementation of circular economy.