• Newsletter #05/06 - Dec 2020

    Newsletter #05/06 - Dec 2020

    Quote of the Lead Partner: "Who is at risk for gravitational natural hazards?"


    • Project presentation
    • More on the project        
      •         Exposure Hot Spot analysis in two Pilot Action Regions
      •         Online practitioner workshop on Flow-py modelling results for the Pilot Action Region Oberammergau on 26 November 2020
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  • GreenRisk4Alps Mountain Forest Conference

    28-29 June 2021

  • Newsletter #3/4 out now

    Newsletter #03/04 - Oct 2020

    Quote of the Lead Partner: "Despite the COIVD-19 pandemic, GreenRisk4ALPs continues to put science into practice"



  • First Newsletter out now!

    Newsletter #01/02 - July 2020

    Quote of the Lead Partner: "Developing a new online tool for identifying protection forest management priority sites"



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