D.T5.4.1 Protective forests as Ecosystem-based solution for Disaster Risk Reduction (Eco-DRR) - Handbook

Protective Effects of Forests against Gravitational Natural Hazards ( Frank Perzl, Alessia Bono, Matteo Garbarino and Renzo Motta)

Cost-Benefit Analysis as a Basis for Risk-Based Rockfall Protection Forest Management ( Christine Moos and Luuk Dorren)

Natural Disturbances and Protection Forests: At the Cutting Edge of Remote Sensing Technologies for the Rapid Assessment of Protective Effects against Rockfall ( Emanuele Lingua, Niccolò Marchi, Francesco Bettella, Maximiliano Costa, Francesco Pirotti, Marco Piras, Matteo Garbarino, Donato Morresi and Raffaella Marzano)

Improving Risk Communication Strategies through Public Awareness and Engagement: Insights from South Tyrol and Carinthia ( Lydia Pedoth, Fabio Carnelli, Gernot Koboltschnig, Paul Krenn, Anna Rudloff, Willigis Gallmetzer, Pierpaolo Macconi and Nicola Marangoni)

Influence of Canopy Disturbances on Runoff and Landslide Disposition after Heavy Rainfall Events ( Christian Scheidl, Micha Heiser, Sebastian Kamper, Thomas Thaler, Werner Rammer, Rupert Seidl, Klaus Klebinder, Veronika Lechner, Fabian Nagl, Bernhard Kohl and Gerhard Markart)

Flood Protection by Forests in Alpine Watersheds: Lessons Learned from Austrian Case Studies ( Gerhard Markart, Michaela Teich, Christian Scheidl and Bernhard Kohl)

Dealing with Uncertainties in the Assessment of the Avalanche Protective Effects of Forests (Ana Stritih)

Avalanche Protection Forest: From Process Knowledge to Interactive Maps (Peter Bebi, Alexander Bast, Kevin Helzel, Gregor Schmucki, Natalie Brozova and Yves Bühler)

The Concept of Risk and Natural Hazards (Cristian Accastello, Silvia Cocuccioni and Michaela Teich)

Protection forest definition matrix
Activity A.T1 PRONA  - New tools on Protection forest and natural hazard assessment
Activity A.T2 ACTINA - Actors involvement and network analysis
Activity A.T3 DORA - Decision oriented risk assessment
Activity A.T4 ACRI - Acceptance raising for ecosystem-based risk control measures
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