Oberammergau (DEU)

In Oberammergau, Bavaria,  rock fall,debris flows and floods are challenges and flood control constructions cause high costs for maintenance. The flood damage potential in settlement areas is rather high and the protection forest fulfills an important protective function. Loss of forest would lead to a substantial challenge for the safety of settlements close to the Grosse Laine river.

60% of the pilot action region in Oberammergau is covered with mainly high share pure spruce. The game and hunting management  is in the hands of forest owners, resulting in overstocked deer / roe deer populations that cause calamity areas (bark stripping damage by red deer). Spruce stands are converted into mixed mountain forests since the invention of the round table (Bergwaldforum) invented by  the Mountain Forest Initiative. A couple of silvicultural measures have been tested in Oberammergau in research projects such as thining of forest to stabilise forest stands, plantation, reorganisation of hunting grounds, reallocation of forest and pasture areas. The PAR could serve  as a blueprint for certain actions in other PARs.

On the other hand challenges in Oberammergau remain and include an improved involvement of local stakeholders and the integration of the Mountain Forest Panel into the participatory development process of the Natural Park "Ammergauer Alpen".

Image top: Google

Image bottom: Roland Schreiber