Near-surface Geothermal Resources in the Territory of the Alpine Space

Aims of Workpackage 3

The workpackage deals with relevant technical and operational criteria for shallow geothermal systems under the typical conditions of the Alpine environment.
Best practice examples from existing plants will be analyzed in order to derive a review of the most important technical and operational criteria for shallow geothermal installations of different kinds, with a transnational validity across the whole Alpine space.

WPT2 will be coordinated by GBA, while all the other involved partners are responsible for providing data from case studies in their respective countries and to contribute to the analysis of technical and operational criteria with a common method, agreed by all partners with GBA. TripleS will monitor case studies. TUM will perform simulations of extrema to define thresholds for operational criteria and acquires data from case studies.

Assessment of existing techniques for the utilization of NSGE
Concept Paper on Temperature Measurements
Template for Best-practice Examples
Deliverable 3.1.1: Catalogue of techniques and best practices for the utilization of NSGE
Deliverable 3.2.1 - Catalogue of operational criteria and constraints for shallow geothermal systems in the Alpine environment