Healing Alps: Tourism based on natural health resources for the development of Alpine regions

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Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg and HEALPS2

As lead partner PMU is responsible for the central project and network management. PMU is involved in all WP, supporting the network and development of outputs with medical-scientific knowledge. PMU is also key player in communication. For any doubt or any further information on the project do not hesitate to contact us.

Website: www.pmu.ac.at

Arnulf Hartl - email: arnulf.hartl@pmu.ac.at

Christina Pichler - email: christina.pichler@pmu.ac.at


ALPARC is in charge of the communication of the project.

Website: www.alparc.org

Veronika Widmann - email:  veronika.widmann@alparc.org