Healing Alps: Tourism based on natural health resources for the development of Alpine regions
In the following you can download our deliverables for Reporting Period 01. Please note that all communication materials are to be downloaded in the designated section communication material.
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    D.M1.1 Project Management Handbook

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    DT1.1.1 KPI list guidance

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    D.T1.1.1 Synthesis  report1_medical evidence

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    D.T1.1.1 Synthesis report2_health-tourism-potential

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    D.T1.1.1 Synthesis report3_education-and-training

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    D.T1.1.1 Synthesis report4_technological_aspects

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    DT2.1.1 Methodology -quadruple-helix-stakeholder-engagement

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    DT2.1.1 Annex to methodology_Covid19_action plan