Integrated and Multi-level Energy models for the Alpine Space

Project summary

Integrated low carbon policies and sustainable energy plans in the Alpine Space region are affected by common challenges. The future energy system, relying on renewable energies, will challenge all governance levels. Therefore, cooperation actions between all governance layers from villages to countries can help to make the Alpine Space a successful partner in the EU “new energy deal” for energy efficiency and renewable energy. The IMEAS multi-disciplinary team of technical, sociological, territorial partners, will develop a consistent methodology and practical guidance for the creation and integration of roadmaps based on multi-level approaches to climate change mitigation, energy innovation potentials, economic structures and control of energy plans. Experiences from some areas will help fill gaps in others through a cooperative and transnational approach capitalising the heterogeneity of the Alpine Space, their different cultures, planning principles and practice with software tools. To enhance the ability of public administrations and other entities to plan sustainable energy policies and select the right measures/instruments to implement them on a multi-level governance perspective, IMEAS will propose a new integrated approach to participatory roadmap development.