Integrated and Multi-level Energy models for the Alpine Space


  • “Connecting the Unconnected” a recap of the IMEAS and C-track 50 event

    On the 19th of June, during the EU Sustainable Energy Week, project partners and participants of IMEAS and C-track 50 discussed how to achieve a better understanding of interactions between actors at various governance levels – a knowledge which represents a key element for a successful energy transition.

  • CONNECTING THE UNCONNECTED: How to reinforce multi-level cooperation for a greener future

    How does the EU commissioners know what the mayors need? How does a minister inform the regional development agency about national plans? How does a Local Energy Community get in contact with a state level agency?

    Join us on CONNECTING THE UNCONNECTED event in Brussels on 19th of June, to find out how IMEAS, C-TRACK 50 and FEDARENE are supporting EU low carbon energy transition!

  • IMEAS Hands-on training and Capacity building workshop in Slovenia

    On 6th and 7th of June KSSENA held a capacity building workshop and hands-on training in Portorož, Slovenia.

  • Economicum session 8

    On 10th April 2019 the eighth session of the economicum took place in the Raiffeisenforum Dornbirn. Various concepts, measured energy savings, costs and cost-effectiveness of housing renovations were presented and compared using the example of various projects. As the example buildings show, energetically high-quality renovations can also have architecturally high quality.

  • Energy poverty: ENEA proposes common European standards

    The measures to combat energy poverty were at the center of ENEA’s activities in its role as annual President of the European Energy Network (ENR), the voluntary network of national energy agencies for EU countries and some extra EU nations. At the end of its mandate in February 2019, ENEA presented to the European Commission a series of proposals, following a survey on energy poverty conducted in 11 EU countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, United United Kingdom, Romania, Hungary).