Integrated and Multi-level Energy models for the Alpine Space

Train the trainers, Autrans-Vercors, 18.-19.04.2018

  • Presentation of local context from Observers and Sounding Board members.
  • Presentation and discussion of the IMEAS tools so far developed (Browse energy good practices by actor similarity; Multiregional energy modeling using open source software; Stakeholders' Network Model: a graphical interface).
  • Session on data management.
  • Session on planning tools.
  • Presentation of the Tool on quality qssessment of buildings.
  • Discussion on the Guidelines under development.

5th project meeting and workshop, Lyon, 16.-17.04.2018

  • Presentation of the IMEAS activities, results achieved so far and forthcoming activities
  • Welcome to IMEAS Sounding Board members from UniversitĂ  di Trento, Bruno Kessler Foundation, Joint Research Center and to Observers.
  • Workshop on the Platform Project Vision: hands-on session to identify identity trades and key messages.
  • Project Steering Group Meeting.

4th project meeting and working groups, Munich, 21.-23.11.2017

  • Discussion on T1, T2 deliverables and on images and schemes to be prepared for communication and dissemination activities.
  • Identification of missing info to support the definition of tools and guidelines in T3.
  • Get a clear picture of the existing practices (link to T2).
  • Methodologies (link to T3) and tools (link to T3 and T4) for energy analysis/planning/strategy in the Partner territories.
  • Identification of overlapping/synergies with D.T3.2.2, D.T3.3.1, D.T3.3.4 and T4.
  • Presentation of practices from each partner Country and discussion.
  • Development of the Stakeholder Network Model.
  • Activities in T4 and an overview of the transnational roadmaps on the identified territories.
  • T3 activities on tools and guidelines.
  • Project Steering Group Meeting.
  • First version of the IMEAS Community web Platform.
  • Important issues related to Communication activities.
  • Discussion and sharing among the participants on the energy modeling practices in each territory and on the harmonization issues.

IMEAS Networking Event, Torino, Italy, 28.6.2017

The objective of the event was the pragmatical engagement of relevant stakeholders and observers to share the IMEAS strategy of using a Multi-Level and Multi-Dimensional approach and to promote the domestic and transnational integration of low-carbon energy policy making and planning in the Alpine Macro Region. To read more:

3rd project meeting, Torino, Italy, 27.-28.6.2017

  • Overview of T3 Work Package planned activities.
  • General structure of the IMEAS Community web Platform.
  • Work on tools and guidelines in small working groups: discussion and identification of first actions.
  • Project updates on relevant items about WP M, C, T1 and T2.
  • Internal preparation for the workshop of the next day and follow-up management.

2nd project meeting Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, Austria, 4.-5.4.2017

  • Activity progress evaluation for Period 1.
  • Activities performed in IMEAS and at country level.
  • Project Master Document.
  • IMEAS Community and the roles of the Sounding Board, the Ambassadors and the Formal Project Stakeholdes.
  • IMEAS Community web Platform with tools and guidelines.
  • T2 action plan.

Kick-off meeting in Munich, Germany, 29.-30.11.2016

  • Presentation of partners’ institutions and team groups from BAUM, RAEE, EIC, VLBG, ISD, PAT, KSSENA, MOC, ENEA, FA, eza! and CREM.
  • Presentation of IMEAS intervention logic and approach.
  • Discussion and sharing of opinions on the Multi-Level approach to be adopted in IMEAS analyses.
  • Overview of IMEAS Community Groups.
  • Overview of IMEAS work plan.
  • Presentation of T1, T2, T3 and T4 activities.
  • Synergies.
  •  AS programme requirements concerning the project start.
  • Project management rules.
  • Programme requirements concerning Communication and presentation of the drafted Communication Strategy.

Photos, Munich, november 2016