Integrated and Multi-level Energy models for the Alpine Space

T2 Overview

The main objective of the second Work Package of IMEAS project (T2 Activity) is the development of the IMEAS Stakeholders’ Network Model (ISNM), a socio-political model that allows representing multi-actor and multi-dimensional initiatives on low carbon energy transition, as defined according to IMEAS Position paper.


The activity of T2 is structured in three main activities as follows:

  • Identifying and engaging stakeholders supporting the development of IMEAS Stakeholders’ Network Model (ISNM)
  • Investigating networking needs and limitations of key stakeholders and potentials for a Stakeholders’ Network Model
  • Developing the Stakeholders’ Network Model to foster integration of energy and climate plan


An overview of the activities is available below.

T2 Overview

Case study format

Document for the collection of data and information among the partners and the IMEAS Community on multi-dimensional and multi-actorial initiatives dealing with low-carbon energy process. 

Template can be found below:

Description of the ISNM tool

IMEAS Stakeholders' Network Model (ISNM): a graphical Interface. The Tool aims at providing a user-friendly interface to allows to visualize the networks of the stakeholders involved in the low carbon initiatives as well as the connections among them. 

More about ISNM is available below (draft version):