Integrated and Multi-level Energy models for the Alpine Space

Activities of T4 shall strenghten the technical capacities of PAs and other entities in developing vertically, horizontally and transversally integrated roadmaps for energy transition processes and setting up (transnational) structures for their implmenetation. Selected stakeholders' groups will be trained to use IMEAS models and toolset developed in T2 and T3 and prepared to give feedback for further improvements. As a result, IMEAS aims to obtain best practice cases.

Training materials for trainers (D.T4.1.1)

Training material was prepared in order for IMEAS partners perform national capacity building workshops on IMEAS integrated models and hands-on trainings for local stakeholders on IMEAS tools and guidelines.

Reports from capacity building workshops (D.T4.2.1)

Capacity building workshops were held by regional IMEAS project partners in their respective regions. The capacity building workshops focused on horizontal, vertical, transversal and transnationally integrated low carbon energy planning. IMEAS cooperation models, guidelines and tools were discussed at these occasions.

Integrated roadmaps (D.T4.4.2 - D.T4.4.9)

In each partner country stakeholder groups designed first set of vertically, horizontally, transversally
integrated energy transition roadmaps using IMEAS Community web Platform and with practical transnational support from IMEAS PPs.

WPT4 OUTPUT: Joint action best practice guide with case studies (D.T4.4.1)

This guide aims to help you work collaboratively on low-carbon energy transition strategies, policies, plans and initiatives in your territory and across other Alpine territories. It provides concrete examples of joint working as well as guidance, hints and tips for implementing successful cooperation models. This guide also provides recommendations for policy makers in supporting low-carbon joint initiatives.