Caring for Soils - Where Our Roots Grow.

Case studies

1. Sustainable forest and ESS management: SI-DE-AT case studies on forest soil protection and management

Forest soil case studies in AT-Prägraten, DE-Kaufering, SI-Pokljuka collect, compare and analyse sustainable forest soil and ESS protection measures. Effects of timber harvesting technologies to soil health and ecosystems are assessed and concepts for sustainable silvicultural management using the ESS approach (e.g. climate change) developed. Results are integrated in regional/local management plans and are transferred to further regions and stakeholders.  

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2. Sustainable spatial planning and ESS management: DE-AT case studies on integrating the ESS approach and soil functions

Spatial planning case studies in DE-Upper Bavaria and AT-Tyrol are dedicated to integrate the ESS approach and soil functions assessment into the spatial planning sector of municipalities. Planning scenarios for a sustainable land use management (avoiding land take) and soil functions assessments are developed by adapting the ESS approach. Results are transferred into regional/local management plans, disseminated in WP4,5 and incl. results from WP2,3.

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3. Sustainable cross-sectoral soil management: IT-SI case studies on joining mountain agriculture, tourism, water quality

Sustainable cross-sectoral soil management in IT, SI to join mountain agriculture, tourism and water quality management. Case studies focus on soil protection activities on mountain pastures / ski areas and assess soil properties, geomorphology and natural hazards. Soil data are interpreted and made applicable for an improved management of dual mountain sites (e.g ski slopes). Results are transferred into management plans and discussed with e.g. ski-area managers (observers).

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4. Mitigating national hazards by soil management: FR-IT-SI case studies on prevention of soil erosion and flood risks

Sustainable soil management activities related to erosion protection, preventing land-slides and flood risk in FR, IT, SI case study sites lead to mitigate national hazards in the Alps. A joint case study methodology is developed in different case study sites. Soil erosion and hydrogeological risk maps for hazard prevention measures are elaborated. Based on soil data, degradation risks are identified, disseminated to stakeholders and used for mitigating national hazards.

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