Caring for Soils - Where Our Roots Grow.


  • Channelling energies towards sustainable soil management

    The nine Links4Soils project partners further discussed the cooperation for sustainable soil management at the Links4Soils project meeting in November in Munich.

  • International Day of Soils - Event in Scheuring (Bavaria)

    The International Day of Soils is again used as an opportunity to highlight the importance of soil and good soil management practices.

  • Invitation to Alpine Symposium on Regional Solutions for Sustainable Soil Management & Climate Resilient Municipalities

    Sustainable soil management means adapting land uses to changing climate conditions. Especially in forestry this long-term perspective needs to be taken into account.
    How can living soils help us meet future challenges?

  • Slovenian Forest Service at the International Beech Symposium

    The Slovenian Forest Service took part in the 11th International Beech Symposium in Italy with a presentation and poster on assessing the European beech forest productivity from inventory data.

  • Alpine Soil Partnership: Tyrolean soil enthusiasts walk, talk and discuss

    The Alpine Soil Partnership offers meeting places for soil enthusiasts to exchange about their work, good practice examples and current developments.