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Project results

The project increases political/administrative/expert commitment towards stronger soil protection in the Alps: - better links &capacities of public administration/institutions to apply soil knowledge in decision making processes - knowledge transferred to decision makers and sectoral plans/strategies - a blueprint of an Alpine Soil Protection Partnership - a web tool/platform (a new operational soil management standards) - demonstration/case studies of sustainable soil management.

> Alpine Soil Partnership

> Alpine Soil Platform

> Alpine Soil Forum


How can we work together for sustainable soil management in the Alps?

The core outputs of Links4Soils are the newly created transnational Alpine soil network "Alpine Soil Partnership" and the information and decision-support website "Alpine Soil Platform".

Find out more about the Alpine Soil Partnership and how to join!

Explore the Alpine Soil Platform:

Why is sustainable management of Alpine Soils necessary?

The Soil Conservation Protocol of the Alpine Convention is the common legal basis for soil protection in the Alps. Links4Soils conducted a qualitative survey on the status quo of its implementation and challenges in all Alpine languages. Find the results in the PDF below.

Links4Soils developed a common understanding of the importance of Alpine soils based on the concept of Ecosystem Services.


  • Agricultural biomass production
  • Forest biomass production
  • Water storage
  • Surface runoff regulation
  • Local climate regulation ("cooling effect")
  • Carbon cycle (carbon cycle)
  • Water filtration and purification
  • Nutrient cycling
  • Habitat provision (biodiversity)
  • Cultural and natural archives
  • Recreational services


Find a brief description about Soil Ecosystem Services here.

What do we need to know about soils?

Sustainable soil management practices: Guides for Practitioners & Decision-Makers

Soils are relevant in many different sectors of decision-making and governing: Agriculture, Forestry, Natural hazard management, Nature protection and biodiversity, Tourism, Spatial planning and urban environment.

Links4Soils collected, developed and visualised management guidelines for sustainable soil management. Get inspired.

Analogue overview of good practices in the Bonton - see below.

Digital SoilCheck for decision-makers of Alpine municipalities: (German), (Italian), (French), (Slovenian).

Coming soon: Management guidelines for forestry, ski runs.

Alpine Soil Videos

Together with White Fox Pictures the Links4Soils project partners created short videos to highlight the need for cooperation networks for sustainable soil management, the interlinkages of climate change and soils and water.

The videos can be watched with the following links:

Alpine Soil Forum

The Final Conference of Links4Soils will take place on 14th-16th October 2019 in Innsbruck where the major results of Links4Soils will be presented and discussed.

The event will highlight the spirit of the project by showing practical solutions to sustainable soil management and linking experts, decision-makers, multipliers and soil enthusiasts in the Alps.

Find all information here