Caring for Soils - Where Our Roots Grow.

The long-lasting output of the Links4Soils Interreg-Alpine Space project is the Alpine Soil Information and Decision Support Platform: On this interactive web portal, the main Links4Soils project results are presented.

The Platform is intended to be the meeting point for people who are involved in soil data acquisition or are current or future users of soil information. They are officially organised in the Alpine Soil Partnership, a main pillar of the Links4Soils project. Stakeholders like soil experts and their organisations, local, national and regional decision makers and people involved in education and nature protecting are invited to visit the platform to:

  • Benefit from the Links4Soils project outputs and collect project updates
  • Get the information on soil data accessibility and download available soil data and information from different sources
  • Take part in the Alpine Soil Partnership
  • Find contact information of Alpine soil experts and learn ‘who is who’ in Alpine soil protection and management
  • Get assistance and expertise on soil management
  • Review sustainable soil management guidelines and best practices for the protection of Alpine soils
  • And discover more about the importance of soils, soil ecosystem services and the environment.


In the formation of the Platform the specific functioning and needs of sectors like agriculture, forestry, tourism, water management, spatial planning and nature conservation are taken into consideration.

Visit the Alpine Soils Platform for all the benefits mentioned above and take part in the Alpine Soil Partnership!