Green infrastructure for better living
Local Partners - Salzburg
  • Salzburg Institute for Spatial Planning and Housing (SIR) 
  • Regional association of Salzburg City and surrounding communities (Regionalverband Salzburg Stadt und Umlandsgemeinden)
  • Municipal councils, planning departments and district authorities of: Anif, Anthering, Bergheim, Elixhausen, Elsbethen, Eugendorf, Grödig, Großgmain, Hallwang, Wals-Siezenheim
  • Federal state Land Salzburg (Land Salzburg)
  • District authorities (Bezirkshauptmannschaft)
Local Partners - Grenoble
  • Natural spaces management
  • biodiversity office, the urban planning-, participatory action-, & communication departments
  • The “Site committee” - is a partnership committee
  • gathering the two member municipalities, the Department of Isère, the public forest managers, the farmers, the conservatory of natural spaces of Isère, the natural regional park of Vercors and some sports
  • organisations
Local Partners - Munich
  • Verein Dachauer Moos
  • Political representatives of the Municipalities and the counties (Landkreise Dachau und München)
  • Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection with regard to conservation aspects as well as with regard to the multi level governance and Alpine Space aspects.
Local Partners - Ljubljana
  • municipalities located in the area of Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park and its hinterland
  • Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park Public Institute
  • Regional Tourism Destination Organisation of Central Slovenia (Ljubljana Urban Region)
  • Local tourist associations
  • Local action group (LAG) Ljubljana Marsh
  • Local action group Coexistence between city and countryside
  • Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning
Local Partners - Piedmont
  • Environment, Territorial Government and Protection Directorate
  • coordinator of Regional landscape plan
  • Agriculture Directorate
  • Metropolitan City of Turin
  • Body Management of the Po and Turin Hill Park
  • ARPA Piemonte (regional agency for environmental protection) Coordinators of Corona Verde strategic project
  • Municipalities involved in the area of the pilot project
Local Partners - Trento
  • other city departments (planning, economic development, public participation)
  • research institutions
  • schools of Trento
Local Partners - Vienna
  • City of Vienna
  • City of Gerasdorf bei Wien
  • Districts BV 21 and BV 22
  • Office of the Provincial Government of Lower Austria
  • Provincial Chamber of Agriculture of Vienna
  • Farmers