Green infrastructure for better living
Observers from Austria
  • City of Graz
  • City of Innsbruck
  • City of Salzburg
  • Regional Association Lower Austria/Vienna
  • SUM Metropolitan Area Management Vienna/Lower Austria
Observers from Germany
  • Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection
  • Munich Metropolitan Region (EMM) e.V.
Observers from Italy
  • Autonomous Province of Trento
  • Body Management of the Po and Torino Hill Park
  • Edmund Mach Foundation
  • ISPRA - Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection & Research
  • Metropolitan City of Turin
  • Municipality of Milan
  • Province of Bergamo
  • City of Bergamo
  • University of Trento
  • University of Basilikata
Observer from Liechtenstein
  • CIPRA International
Observers from Slovenia
  • City of Ljubljana
  • Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park
Observer from Switzerland
  • City of Zurich
Observer from France
  • CAUE of Isère