Green infrastructure for better living

The 7th project meeting was hosted by Guillaume Tournaire from the Grenoble-Alpes-Métropole.

On our first day we discussed the comparison of the different infographics about landscape approaches from each project partner in groups (Work Package 2). Then we focused on the toolbox structure and the ideal processes, making sure we can adapt them, so they are ready to be implemented for other and different pilot projects (Work Package 1). Last but not least we talked about the scientific contributions and synthesis reports that were made in matters of LOS_DAMA (Work Package 4).

The second day was dedicated to the local pilot implementation of the Grenoble-Alpes-Métropole. First we visited the recreational park of Les Vouillants, which includes forests, open spaces, agricultural areas and rock cliffs. Afterwards we visited Saint Nizier town hall and discovered the eco-district of Pré Nouvel Seyssins, where we included climbing on the Rock of Comboire for a panoramic view over the metropolitan territory. In the evening we brainstormed on symbolic element and setting priorities (Work Package 2).

On the third day we discussed the project extension and the resulting budget shifts, as well as the final conference and our final products (Work Package Management-steering group meeting). We continued by exchanging our different points of views on the analysis of the EU-strategies and the policy recommendations about the local pilots (Work Package 3).

On our last day some of the project partners attended the "World Café" event from "Biennale des villes en transition 2019" which was organized by the University Grenoble Alpes for regional and local stakeholders. Three of our project partners presented their view on our project: Sergeja Praper from the Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, Alessandro Betta from the City of Trent and Martina van Lierop from the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The event closed with an open but moving debate about the challenges of the metropolitan area.



Impressions of the 7th project meeting in Grenoble